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Having been hands-on in different church settings across the UK, including conferences and events etc. we have people within the team (including the owners) who understand the excellence required within a modern church environment, and how to balance the ever-changing complex legalities of employment and volunteering, in line with the vision and values of the church.


From the start you will receive practical support and advice, that continues through the partnership with us, addressing the issues that sometimes arise from employing people in a church environment. We provide all relevant documentation and assist with navigating some of the difficult conversations and how to apply good practice in line with the values of the Bible and employment law – challenging but achievable!


1.  When there is a problem - We’ve got you covered. Our core service of outsourced HR includes full

support from our trained HR professionals over the phone, email, and video call. We are very responsive and provide practical solutions, finding you several options to choose from to get the best outcome for you.

2.  Expert-drafted documentation – You don’t have to type any letters or documents. Our ‘Print and Sign’ service of all internal documents is created on a case-by-case basis by experienced HR professionals to conform with Employment Law. Each letter is tailored to the situation, and your church, and given as a PDF to issue – where there are options, we discuss these with you to make sure you find the best fit and meet all legal requirements.

3.  We can reduce any risk of legal, financial, or reputational repercussions - There is an increase in employees taking legal action against pastors and managers. Sadly, this can get into the national and local press impacting the reputation and testimony of the church, often with no negative intent in the actions leading up to it. We can advise and help you navigate through these complex cases. Instances such as these (especially with long-term employees/church members) can have a severe impact on a church and can have a ripple effect across other ministries within a church and through church membership on Sunday etc. – we are here to make sure you have all the advice you need to navigate this.

4.  Improve your employee well-being and turnover - We know that employees can make or break an organization. That’s why we offer coaching and assistance with performance management to help retain staff.

5.  We’re passionate about helping people - When you partner with us, you help to support several charities – such as Compassion and Young Minds – as well as local organisations through direct financial support.

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