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We are an experienced HR consultancy firm with many years of experience working in a range of industry sectors.

We are based in Sheffield, and we provide support to churches, charities, and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.



Our qualified professional HR experts partner with you to provide individually tailored support, advice, actions, and recommendations for your church or charity. Working to your objectives, we can help you to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We are experts in HR and are known for our ability to solve problems and enhance performance with our practical, personable, and professional service quickly and discreetly. We have vast experience at board level in a wealth of fields and industries including churches, charities, manufacturing, legal, operations, central government, and – of course – in-house and consultancy HR.

We operate using a wide range of skills and from a breadth of understanding. For example, we have recently completed a staff survey for a church with recommendations on the way forward. Also, due to recent church mergers, we have managed TUPE, assisting with the vision of moving towards a bigger vision and impact for the new combined church. We have expertise working with, and being, trustees of churches and charities and understand the complexity that can often arise from people being an employee, trustee, and volunteer at the same time.

We are currently providing full HR services to several churches in different networks and denominations across the UK, and for associated charities and businesses that link to the church and/or the people within it.

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